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The Tuolumne Group of the Sierra Club has numerous members who often do monitoring of what is occurring in local forests and the wild areas of the region.  The Sierra Club submits comment letters on timely topics of concern – pressing for protection of the environment.  At this time, three key local conservation issues are of special concern:

Clear-cut logging on local private timberlands managed by Sierra Pacific Industries.  All large trees are removed.  Most green trees are cut down.  Few snags or down logs are left for wildlife.  Replanted trees become even-age tree plantations.

Too much diversion of water out of local rivers (especially downstream in the Central Valley), which leaves insufficient water for salmon and for water quality.  New hydroelectric license plans for the Tuolumne and Stanislaus Rivers are underway and may affect river flows in those local rivers.

Overcrowding and traffic congestion in Yosemite Park during the busy season often turns beautiful Yosemite Park into a gridlocked traffic jam.

Links to Two Recent News Articles About Yosemite Park Congestion





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