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Tuolumne Group Scholarship Presentation and Program

Club awards 2017 Mack Waggoner Memorial Scholarship

This year, the Tuolumne Group has awarded its annual memorial scholarship to local student Austen Thibault, who was selected for his academic excellence and his strong focus on conservation.

The $1,000 scholarship is given in memory of Mack Waggoner, who spent many years serving on the Club’s local executive committee to support local efforts prior to his unexpected passing. The scholarship is intended to support students pursuing four-year degrees in the fields of natural resources, environmental sciences, or similar pursuits. The award will be given in conjunction with our program (info follows) at 7:00PM in the TUD conference room at 18885 Nugget Blvd, Sonora.


The Murderous Plants of California

A primer on the botanical carnivores native to California

On Thursday, June 27, at 7pm, Dr. Barry Rice will present on the predatory vegetables that lurk in your very state.

Barry Rice has his feet in two worlds of science. He received his PhD in Astronomy, and is currently a Professor of Astronomy at Sierra College (Rocklin, California). However, he is also a botanist, having worked for The Nature Conservancy for 11 years as an Invasive Species Specialist, and as managing editor for the International Carnivorous Plant Society’s peer-reviewed journal. He currently maintains a research associate position with The University of California (Davis) Center for Plant Diversity. He is internationally known as an expert on carnivorous plants, having published two books on the topic and countless papers. He wrote the treatments in TJM2 for the carnivorous plant families Lentibulariaceae and Sarraceniaceae.

Barry’s research in the field generally revolves around relocating populations of carnivorous plants in California and Oregon. He loves botanical photography, and has plenty of beautiful images to share. During his presentation, he will tell you about all the carnivorous plant species that live in our state, and give you pointers on great places to see them yourself. Expect to be dazzled by images of beautiful plants, and be fascinated by bizarre tales of vegetable predation—where the roles of prey and predator are reversed. Conditions permitting, he’ll also bring some carnivorous plants from the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, so you can see the heinous killers face to face—or, face to leaf.

Join us at 7:00PM  in the TUD conference room at 18885 Nugget Blvd, Sonora.






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